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We offer best knife scales in the market, Stabilized camel bone knife scale and Ram horn knife scale. Stabilizing is a process of infusing the pores and grain structure of bone with one of several different chemicals. This basically turns the bone into a plastic. Untreated bone will over time shrink, expand, swell, absorb water, darken, crack, check, warp, and do many other nasty things. Stabilized bone/wood will stay just as it was on the new knife. There are a lot of excellent materials used for knife scales (knife handles) Some of the more popular materials include wood,  micarta, horn, bone and etc. A knife with Stabilized camel bone knife scale is an ideal knife. At HERCULES KNIVES a complete range of hunting knife is available and each of which is a masterpiece of art by any aspect of shape, material, and functionality.

We always recommend our customers to not overlook handle when buying a knife, because handle plays a vital role in the functionality of a knife. Our stabilized camel bone knife scale is one the state of art product and is aesthetically pleasing than metal.


Camel Bone Knife Scales Stabilized and Dyed Blue 1-1/4″ x 4-1/2

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