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Jigged Camel Bone Handle Damascus Steel Clip Folding knife Hand Made By Hercules (C149-B)


Overall Length: 7.70” Inches

 Blade Length: 3.30”Inches

 Handle Length: 4.40”Inches

 Damascus Design: Snake Skin Pattern

  Layers: 512

 Handle: Jigged Camel Bone

 Sheath: Leather

 Hand  Forged

Hardness: 58-60 HRC

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C149 ( Jigged Camel Bone Handle Damascus Steel Clip Folding knife ) is with 3.30” inches blade and jigged camel bone handle of size 4.40” inches make it a good-sized knife. Its slim design and clip property make it easy to carry. And its sharp blade of highly reputed Damascus steel means it can perform a full range of cutting tasks.

C149 is a good slicing knife, while its slim tip gives it penetrating capability and the ability to do a full range of task. It’s handle which is jigged camel bone make it unique and perfectly griped item. The blade is made of Damascus steel which has distinctive properties in the realm of knives. Cow leather sheath makes it easier to carry and more attractive for collectors. These knives are characterized by distinctive patterns of banding and mottling resembles snakeskin.


Overall Length: 7.70” Inches

Blade Length: 3.30” Inches

Handle Length: 4.40” Inches

Damascus Design: Snake Skin Pattern

Layers: 512

Handle: Jigged Camel  Bone

Blade Type: Drop Point

Blade Edge: Plain

Sheath: Leather

Hand Forged

Hardness: 58-60 HRC

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