A stainless steel melt is poured into a tall tower. As the liquid passes through a nozzle it is dispersed into droplets with a blast of inert gas. As these droplets fall to the bottom of the tower they solidify into powder. This powder will contain all the alloying elements of the melt and each powder particle is essentially a very small ingot. This powder is collected in a carbon steel casing bucket at the bottom of the tower.

Next there is a cold compaction press to allow for the subsequent HIP at high temperature and high pressure. Out of this will come a solid piece of steel which already has a perfect structure. This can be compared to conventionally made steel which at this point in the steel process as an ingot will have a very coarse structure in need of a break down in subsequent forging or rolling processes to become a good piece of steel. Also the Hercules Knives product will be forged and rolled into a usable size but the only purpose for the Hercules Knives product is to achieve a desired size not to improve the structure of the steel because it is already perfect from the start.

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